Phd Study Organisation

Study schedule

january/februrysubmission of dissertation registration for dissertation examination
February 28thnew PhD thesis submission
March 31stdeadline for submitting applications for the selection of funded PhD students
April 30thdeadline for submitting new applications for PhD study
maydates of entrance exams for PhD study (will be announced to candidates)
juneannual evaluation of students
year-roundseminars of PhD students

Study regulations and organization

Actual study regulations, documents and internal guidelines of the faculties, other administrative requirements can be found on the websites

The SAS Young Scientists platform works at Slovak Academy of Sciences. The platform provides a space for discussion and communication on issues of common interest to young researchers and doctoral students of SAS.

For newly admitted PhD students, we recommend reading the material Doctoral Student’s Guide at SAS, which answers the most frequently asked questions of students.

How to apply for doctoral studies?

1. The candidate in consultation with the prospective supervisor chooses the topic for doctoral studies from the list of topics of dissertations.

2. Before submitting the actual application for doctoral studies, applicants must complete the Selection of Funded doctoral students at IP SAS (procedure according to the Rules for the selection of funded doctoral students). The complete application consists of the following documents:

  • name of the topic and supervisor
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • supervisor’s comments on the relevance of the topic and the candidate’s abilities
  • a brief report from the internal pre-selection process at the department
  • optional attachments: recommendations, certificates, degrees (if they already exist).

Documents for year 2024 are sent by April 7th in electronic form to the address

3. When applying for PhD study, the candidate follows the instructions of Faculties: FEI STU, FMFI UK, PriF UK. The preferred method of submitting an application is electronic, it is also possible to fill out a paper form with attachments. The application deadline is usually by the end of April of the respective year.

Electronic application details:

  • Web page for electronic application:  (select III. degree of study)
  • Application fee: 15€
  • Choose study progamme name, ending with *_FU. Example: dTMF_FU (Theoretical Physics and Mathematical Physics)
  • Required attachments:
    • Curriculum vitae (signed) + add to CV the scan of your passport
    • A college degree diploma (verified photocopy)
    • State examination certificate (verified photocopy)
    • Diploma complement (verified photocopy)
    • Framework project linked with dissertation topic (consult with supervisor)
    • Confirmation of payment of the application fee

  (if some attachments cannot be added, send them by email to

Entrance exams

The candidates will be informed in advance about the date, form and other needs of the admission exam at the provided contacts. The date of the procedure will be set before the end of April of the respective year.

The form of the entrance examination is usually oral before the Commission (exact procedure Rules for the selection of funded doctoral students). After agreement it is possible to make the examination online. The candidate inform the Commission in short presentation (~ 10min.) about previous achievements (theses, diplomas, etc.), content and intent of the planned study. Then the student answers questions from the Commission.

The candidates are informed about the results of the entrance examination by the director of the institute.

More information on the ongoing entrance exams will be updated on the Admission examination page.

Legislation (in Slovak)

  • Higher education act – 131/2002 / link
  • Application for doctoral degree studies / PDF