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e-mailIng. Matej Jergel, Dr.Sc. (Head)

e-mailRNDr. Eva Majková, Dr.Sc. (Deputy Head)
e-mailProf. Ing. Š. Luby, Dr.Sc. Prof. Ing. Š. Luby, D.Sc.
e-mailRNDr. Katarína Gmucová, Ph.D.
e-mailIng. Vojtech Nádaždy, Ph.D.
e-mailIng. Ján Ivančo, Ph.D.
e-mailDr. Rer. Nat. P. Šiffalovič, Ph.D.
e-mailIng. Yuriy Halahovets, Ph.D.
e-mailMgr. Karol Végsö, Ph.D.
e-mailRNDr. Monika Hofbauerova, Ph.D.
e-mailRNDr. Naďa Mrkývková, Ph.D.
e-mailMgr. Adriana Annušová, Ph.D.
e-mailIng. Anna Kálosi, Ph.D.
e-mailMgr. Peter Nádaždy, Ph.D.
e-mailBc. Simon Mičky
e-mailMgr. Shima Sousani, Ph.D. student
e-mailMgr. Daniel Truchan, PhD. student
e-mailMSc. Muhammad Arslan Raza, PhD. student
e-mailMSc. Ayyanusamy Poongodi, PhD. student

Research groups

Development of X-ray optics and application of X-ray scattering to ex-situ and in-situ studies on the nanoscale

M. Jergel, Y. Halahovets, K. Vegso, P. Nádaždy

Application of 2D materials to advanced theranostics

E. Majková, M. Hofbauerova, A. Annušová, A. Kálosi; PhD. students: D.Truchan, S. Sousani

van der Waals heterostructures for organic-based (opto)electronics

P. Šiffalovič, N. Mrkývková, P. Nádaždy, S. Mičky; PhD. students: M.A. Raza

Perovskite hybrid photovoltaics and lithium batteries

V. Nádaždy, K. Gmucová, PhD. students: Ayyanusamy Poongodi

Innovative sensors of gaseous biomarkers and sensors for environmental monitoring

J. Ivančo, Š. Luby

Electrochemical characterization of polymers, copolymers, polymer and copolymer blends, nanoparticles, nanoparticles/polymer composites

K. Gmucová, V. Nádaždy, Y. Halahovets

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