Annual evaluation

PhD students annual evalutation

Zasadacia miestnosť č. 295, FÚ SAV

the annual evaluation takes place on Thursday, 4th July 2019 with the start at 9:00 a.m. at IP SAS

Each student will present 10 min. talk before the commission, resp. 15 min. if the defence is planned for this year. Then 5 min. will be reserved for discussion/questions. Presentation in English is welcomed (but not needed).

Student presentations should include the main points:

  • main results achieved for the last year of study (from the last evaluation)
  • brief summary of the study results (credits,...)
  • list of scientific outputs, publications and presentations at conferences, workshops, schools attended for the last period
  • perspectives for the end of the dissertation
  • your comments to the study, requirements from the side of the Institute