Forward-central correlations at RHIC and LHC

Michal Šumbera (NPI ASCR, Řež)

Zasadacia miestnosť č. 295, FÚ SAV

I will discuss application of Color Dipole Model to midrapidity Drell-Yan and heavy quarkonia production and production of high-pT hadrons at forward rapidities in pp and pA collisions at RHIC and LHC. Calculations explaining significant suppression of high-pT hadrons at large x observed in pA collisions at RHIC in terms of parton multiple rescatterings in nuclear matter and energy conservation restrictions in initial state parton rescatterings will be presented. Moreover, the gauge boson (γ, Z0, W±) production in association with hadron that fragments from the incoming quark is calculated, and then applied to study gauge boson-hadron correlations at LHC energies. As a very promising measurement study of correlations between forward high-pT pion and J/ψ or ϒ produced at mid-rapidity at RHIC energies is proposed. Such forward-midrapidity correlations test higher order pQCD in pp collisions at modest energies.  All suggested variables have a strong potential for better constraining Color Singlet Model contribution to the J/ψ or ϒ production at RHIC and LHC.