Department of Multilayers and Nanostructures

Head of Department:  Ing. Matej Jergel, DrSc.

Deputy head:  RNDr. Eva Majková, DrSc.


Research activity:

  • development of planar and patterned thin films and multilayers for applications in X-UV optics, spintronics and sensors
  • synthesis of metal and metal oxide nanoparticles and complex studies of the nanoparticle self‑assembly effects and new phase formation
  • preparation of ordered two- and three-dimensional nanoparticle assemblies and their application in highly sensitive gas detectors and strain gauges
  • development and preparation of organic solar cells employing plasmonic nanoparticles
  • development of technology of preparation of graphene and graphene oxide thin films and their application in photovoltaics and sensors
  • development of superhydrophobic multifunctional coatings
  • electron structure and defects in organic and inorganic semiconductors and hybrid layered systems
  • development and application of advanced X-ray methods and elements of X-ray diffractive optics for characterization of nanostructures and interfaces
  • development of unique laboratory equipments for diagnostics of nanostructures


The department has at disposal an up-to-date technological and diagnostics infrastructure for research in the domain of nanosciences and nanotechnologies that is concentrated in the laboratory cluster Nanolab, including:

  • laboratory of deposition from liquid phase
  • laboratory of ion beam technologies
  • laboratory of PVD deposition
  • laboratory of photovoltaics
  • laboratory of laser beam technologies
  • preparatory chemical and thermal treatment laboratory
  • X–ray laboratory
  • laboratory of optical and spectroscopic techniques
  • laboratory of scanning probe techniques
  • laboratory of electrical and electro-chemical measurements
  • laboratory of magnetic measurements

Scientific staff of DMN

fyziaannsavbask209 107 71ORCID scientist
monika.benkovicovasavbask209 107 77ORCID scientist
michal.bodiksavbask209 107 71ORCID scientist
fyzifarasavbask PhD student
katarina.gmucovasavbask209 107 62, 209 107 74ORCID scientist
yurij.halahovecsavbask209 107 77 scientist
vladimir.heldsavbask PhD student
jan.ivancosavbask209 107 61ORCID scientist
matej.jergelsavbask209 107 60ORCID head of department
anna.kalosisavbaskORCID scientist
209 107 62 scientist
stefan.lubysavbask59410 574 scientist
eva.majkovasavbask59410 527, 209 107 63ORCID deputy head of dept.
nada.mrkyvkovasavbask209 107 60ORCID scientist
peter.nadazdysavbask209 107 71ORCID scientist
vojtech.nadazdysavbask209 107 61ORCID scientist
fyzifasasavbask209 107 71ORCID PhD student
rudolf.senderaksavbask033/7624075 technician
peter.siffalovicsavbask209 107 66ORCID scientist
fyzisimasavbask PhD student
daniel.truchansavbask PhD student
karol.vegsosavbask209 107 66ORCID scientist