Department of Complex Physical Systems

Head of department:  doc. RNDr. Martin Plesch, PhD.

Deputy head:  prof. Ing. Ivan Štich, DrSc.


Research activity:

Research in the department consists of theoretical investigations of various complex physical systems by analytical and numerical means. Main topics are currently:

  • computer modelling of condensed-matter systems (Center for Computational Material Science),
  • statistical mechanics of low-dimensional coulombic systems,
  • transport processes in quasi one-dimensional structures,
  • the mechanism of confinement and symmetry breaking in gauge theories on the lattice and on the light front.

More information on the staff and activities of the department can be found on its webpage.

Scientific staff of DCPS

faizan.ahmadsavbask Phd student
juraj.bohaciksavbask59410 516ORCID scientist
jan.brndiarsavbask209 107 32ORCID scientist
peter.filipsavbask59410 516ORCID scientist
pavol.kalinaysavbask59410 529ORCID scientist
lubomir.martinovicsavbask59410 553ORCID scientist
ijaz.ahamedsavbask Phd student
matej.pivoluskasavbask59410 559ORCID scientist
martin.pleschsavbask59410 559, 209 107 11, 209 107 07ORCID head of department
ashutosh.raisavbask59410 553ORCID scientist
ladislav.samajsavbask59410 522ORCID scientist
ivan.stichsavbask209 107 31ORCID scientist
fyzisoursavbaskORCID scientist
kamil.tokarsavbask209 107 30ORCID scientist
igor.travenecsavbask59410 523ORCID scientist
robert.turanskysavbask209 107 32 scientist