Department of Metal Physics

Head of Department:  Ing. Peter Švec, DrSc.

Deputy head: RNDr. Pavol Butvin, DrSc.


Research activity:

Experimental and theoretical investigations of amorphous, nanocrystalline, quasicrystalline and polycrystalline alloys prepared by rapid quenching from the melt, special metastable materials with high-performance magnetic, mechanical and electrical properties (more in Research section).

Scientific staff of DMP

vlastimil.bohacsavbask59410 577ORCID scientist
robert.brunnersavbask59410 548 scientist
beata.butvinovasavbask59410 560ORCID scientist
alen.fossavbask PhD student
michal.halaszsavbask59410 565 technician
jan.hudecsavbask59410 576, 59410 577 scientist
dusan.janickovicsavbask59410 563, 565ORCID scientist
irena.janotovasavbask59410 568 scientist
ivan.klbiksavbask Phd student
marian.krajcisavbask59410 562ORCID scientist
marian.markovicsavbask59410 577 technician
igor.matkosavbask59410 562, 59410 561ORCID scientist
marek.mihalkovicsavbask59410 562ORCID scientist
emil.pinciksavbask59410 548ORCID scientist
eva.pospisilovasavbask PhD student
jaroslav.rusnaksavbask59410 547ORCID scientist
jan.skovierasavbaskORCID scientist
vladimir.stofaniksavbask59410 577 scientist
peter.svecsavbask59410 561, 59410 562, 59410 570ORCID head of department
fyzipsvcsavbask59410 561, 59410 575, 59410 528 scientist
leonardo.diassavbask PhD student
viliam.vretenarsavbask59410 558 scientist