PhD admission results

Altogheter there were more than 120 candidates for the study year 2020/21 in four study programs. 20 of them were pre-selected by PhD advisors to submit their application. List of PhD candidates successfully passing the final round of the selection process is presented in the table below. Available financial resources allowed us to offer PhD position to seven successful candidates.

Order set by committee

1 Hatef Yousefi Mashhour Dr. Šiffalovič Iran
2 Israt Ali Dr. Majková Pakistan-China
3 Rohit Yadav Dr. Šiffalovič Japan
4 Ivan Klbik Dr. Maťko Slovakia
5 Denisa Lampášová Dr. Nagaj Slovakia
6 Alejandro Contreras Reynoso doc. Ziman Mexico
7 Muhammad Adeel Ashraf Dr. Šiffalovič Pakistan
8 Ioannis Varveris Dr. Majková Greece
9 Raman Choudhary doc. Ziman India
10 Shima Sousani Dr. Majková Iran
11 Ehsan Elahi Dr. Šiffalovič Pakistan
12 Mukil Madhusudanan Dr. Majková India
13 Kuanyshova Zhaniya Dr. Šauša Kazahstan
14 Ahmed Abdul Qayyum Dr. Šiffalovič Pakistan
15 Vishal Kumar Sharma Dr. Gendiar India
16 Nivin Sasidhar Dr. Šiffalovič India
17 Shahriar Molamohammadi Dr. Majková Iran
18 Pradeep Kumar Dammala Dr. Šiffalovič India