PhD study at IP SAS

Scientific education

Institute of Physics participates as an external educational institution under the provisions of Law no. 131/2002 Z.z. as amended and criteria for accreditation of non-university education institutions on the implementation of the study programs of the third stage being carried out in cooperation with the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of Comenius University in Bratislava and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava.

Dissertation topics for individual study programs are updated annually.

Accredited study programs in study sections:

  • teoretická fyzika a matematická fyzika v 4.1.2 – všeobecná fyzika a matematická fyzika
  • fyzika kondenzovaných látok a akustika v 4.1.3 – fyzika kondenzovaných látok a akustika
  • kvantová elektronika a optika a optická spektroskopia v 4.1.4 – kvantová elektronika a optika
  • jadrová a subjadrová fyzika v 4.1.5 – jadrová a subjadrová fyzika
  • fyzikálne inžinierstvo v 5.2.48 – fyzikálne inžinierstvo

Study schedule

January/February submission of dissertation registration for dissertation examination
February new PhD thesis submission
31. May end of the submission of new registrations for PhD study at IP SAS
June dates of entrance exams for PhD study (will be announced to candidates)
June annual evaluation of students
year-round seminars of PhD students

How to apply for doctoral studies?

The candidate in consultation with the prospective supervisor submit an application for doctoral studies from the list of topics of dissertations.

The filled application with attachments is sent in paper form to the IP SAS address usually by the end of May of the year:

Institute of Physics,
Slovak Academy of Sciences
Dúbravská cesta 9
845 11 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

For the "Physical Engineering" study program, the applicant follows the instructions of the FEI STU. Through their AIS, the candidate logs on to the topic, IP SAS is listed in the list. Then the application is printed, signed and sened to FEI STU and the candidate sends a copy to IP SAS.

Attachments of the application for doctoral studies:

  • brief curriculum vitae, including a list of previously published professional and scientific papers
  • general project on the topic of dissertation
  • photocopies of documents about the graduation of the second degree (university diploma, state examination certificate, Diploma Supplement, if the applicant is still studying, will give them additionally)

Entrance exams

The candidates will be informed in advance in writing and electronically on supplied contacts about the date and proposals for the entrance examinatio.

The form of the entrance examination is usually oral before a commission consisting of representatives of IP SAS and the representative of the university, where PhD student will be registered. The candidate usually inform the Commission about previous achievements (theses, diplomas, etc.), content and intent of the planned study. Then he answers questions from the Commission.

The candidates are also informed about the results of the entrance examination.